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About Us

Inspired cool gadgets is a cutting-edge company dedicated to sourcing and offering the coolest gadgets for guys all in one place.
We use innovative chemistry with modern design craftsmanship to consistently set the standard for next-generation toys, glass, electronics, materials, batteries, and phone accessories.

It is a factory shop with wholesale price and the higher quality due to direct sale to our customers without distributor.

We offer you everything cool, and make it our business to alert you to things that might have been cool. We also make it our business to bring you the cool things of tomorrow, we’re not trendsetters, but we’re definitely going to point out the people who are, and make big red arrows next to their heads. Most importantly, we bring you the cool gadgets of the right now, stuff you might not know about, or maybe want to know a little more about.That’s the kind of stuff we bring you.
With a mission to provide the best products with the best quality and the best of service to our customer. We want to make it that much easier to find something cool, fast. We’re going to update you on a daily basis, with random Cool Things. Because that’s our job, and we’re working for you.
We set our core fundamental values accordingly and they have been inherent and are an integral part of our company policy. These values and our hard work helped us grow faster.

Our values are important to us as a Fair Business. We sincerely believe and follow them. It's our goal to be world’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find, discover & shop anything at Inspired Cool Gadgets Store.
With wide range of quality products, well-trained customer care team, efficient and prompt service, free & timely delivery, is indeed the name that you can trust!